Technology and Possibilities…

Photo credit: Symo0 via Flickr cc

This week I am beginning one of my last five classes of university ever… (probably not).  I have been taking classes for six years and will finally graduate (with two undergrad degrees) in April 2016.  I like to think that I am ready to enter the real-world and actually receive a decent pay cheque (soooo tired of being a broke student), however I know that I will miss the social aspect of school.  Being involved in a program such as Education is such a great experience – there are so many opportunities to build relationships with others, collaboration seems second-nature, and being passionate and motivated is easy when other students are right there beside you.  I am not the type of person to sit alone at a desk and independently get work done – I enjoy listening to others, hearing people’s experiences, learning in a hands-on environment, and sharing opportunities with others.  This will be a goal of mine as a future teacher; I want to create a classroom environment where students feel safe, happy to come to school, are willing to engage, are given opportunities, and feel that possibilities are endless.

ECMP 355 is the class I am taking this Spring.  I know that technology is significant and I want to integrate it as much as possible in my future teaching career.  However, I want to do this in a genuine and effective way.  I am looking forward to all that I will learn in this class and excited to use this knowledge in the future.  Albeit sometimes overwhelming, technology really does have endless possibilities…

Some resources to get started:

50 More Ways to Integrate Technology in Your Classroom Tomorrow 

12 Easy Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom, Even for Technophobic Teachers

Technology for Learning: 10 Ways to Improve Classroom Learning


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