Learning from Students – My Blog Title

Photo Credit: cafemama via Compfight cc

Why Did I Choose this Blog Title?

As a pre-service teacher, I am still in the early stages of what it actually means to be an educator.  I find that I am always excited and thankful to be interacting with students and motivated to be a positive influence in students’ lives.  Pre-internship was fun because the cooperating teacher still assumes all major responsibility of the classroom.  Of course, pre-internship is beneficial as an overall learning experience and a time in which pre-interns are able to experiment and try out new things in the field.  In reality, full-time teaching is much more stressful, demanding, and riddled with responsibility.

As a university student, I know that I want to be a teacher but I also know that the profession is not “all roses.”  I am determined to love my career – I want to remain passionate, motivated, and genuinely happy to teach.  Staying positive is not only important for a teacher’s health, but also for students.  In order to remain positive, even when life is difficult or tough, I need to always remember the influence that a teacher has on students (and people in students’ lives).  Equally important, I need to be aware of the influence that students will have on my life.  As a teacher, I will continually be learning from students.

This blog is meant to be a reflection of continuous learning and growth; a practice I will need to continue in teaching and in all areas of life.


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