Major Learning Project – FOOD :)

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Making Vegetarian Meals – NOT Salads…

For my Major Learning Project, I decided to choose something that I have actually been wanting to learn more about for some time now.  First thing’s first – I am not a vegetarian.  I just choose to limit the amount of meat I eat.  One of the main reasons I try to avoid eating meat for most meals is I am an animal lover.  Animals tug at my heartstrings and I find it difficult to accept that many meat products come from inhumane, factory farms.  In this sense, I try to find locally raised chicken, beef, and sometimes pork in order to feel more comfortable eating meat.  I am not judgmental towards people who do eat meat, however I do feel that many people lack education surrounding consumerism and meat products.  Another reason I choose to eat vegetarian is for my health.  Vegetarianism can be a very healthy lifestyle if individuals are educated appropriately.  This is the main part of my learning project – I tend to eat a lot of salads and struggle to find the time and effort to actually cook healthy, nutritious, and delicious vegetarian meals.

Here are a few photos of a salad and wrap I made for lunch the other day – this is what I will try to avoid for the duration of this learning project.  I spent about 5 minutes making this.  It did not require any cooking and actually lacks a lot of the proper nutritious ingredients that vegetarians should be eating.  For example, iceberg lettuce should be replaced with spinach or kale to add more nutritional value.

 wrap salad

I am starting to do research and planning for how I will complete this learning project – stay tuned for a full plan of what and how I will be cooking my meals!

Some blogs I am going to be referring to during the process –

Sprouted Kitchen

Naturally Ella

The First Mess 



One thought on “Major Learning Project – FOOD :)

  1. I think this is an excellent learning project! I too am not a vegetarian but do not enjoy eating much meat and often find myself usually resorting to wraps and salads. I am looking forward to trying some of the alternatives you find! 🙂


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