ECMP355 Major Learning Project Review – Half-Way There

Photo credit: Kevan via Flickr cc

I have been falling behind on some recipes for my major learning project recently.  I have been trying to keep up with making vegetarian meals but find that I keep resorting to the easiest option – salads.  I have began to realize that I will not be able to complete a minimum of 50 hours for this project.  I’m finding it difficult to find time learning new recipes online, especially ones that I have the ability to follow (limited to certain kitchen equipment of utensils, expensive ingredients, etc.).  I’ve decided that I need to complete 4 more recipes by the end of ECMP355 class/when the month of June is complete.  In between I will post the other meals I eat along the way that do not require excessive learning online.  I need to keep the most important part of this major learning project in mind: how to learn online.  For my last 4 major recipes, I will focus on new cooking techniques or ingredients that I am not familiar with and follow online videos and tutorials.  This will allow for a more critical and insightful process into how we learn online.  One of my goals for the next 4 weeks is to follow and learn a recipe from Inspiralized – this blog features recipes with “spiralized” vegetables, making the most out of vegetables in creative and fun ways.

Stay tuned for the rest of my MLP…


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