MLP Summary

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If you’ve been following my blog, you might have noticed that for my ECMP355 Major Learning Project, I chose to focus on learning vegetarian recipes and cooking techniques.  As I mentioned in the beginning, I am not a full-on vegetarian and I do eat meat every once in a while.  I also really enjoy seafood (especially smoked salmon and king crab!).  However, for personal health reasons and being aware of the ethical treatment of animals, I try to cook vegetarian more often than not.  This MLP was meant to help me avoid only eating simple salads and gain a better understanding of the possibilities with eating vegetarian.  All the while, I had to keep in the mind the main goal of this MLP – how do and how can we learn online?  The internet houses more recipes than I could use in a lifetime, but are they actually effective enough to help an amateur cook learn online?

I set out by looking through my feed on Digg Reader, brainstorming different types of meals I wanted to try, and finding appealing websites.  After about a month, I realized that many of the recipes required some adaptations in order to suit my own needs.  For example, my Cauliflower-Crust Pizza was adapted to include flavours I enjoy such as adding the guacamole and by combining two different recipes to complete one meal.  Even when I tried to expand my learning by focusing on different cooking techniques, I was limited by the actual resources I had.  For example, when following Inspiralized recipe Cucumber-Dill salad,  I had to use my own vegetable spiral cutter.  Because of this, the video on how to make the spiraled cucumber noodles was less helpful than if I had the actual equipment used in the recipe.  Check out how it went.  On top of this, I chose a MLP that required some additional costs that I may not have spent otherwise.  Specific ingredients were needed for each recipe and it also required some extra time shopping for the groceries.  Overall, I found this MLP to be a bit less effective than another topic because the online learning was not as significant as I thought it would have been.  Yes, it is easy to find recipes online and various information related to vegetarian cooking, however I didn’t feel that the online aspect was essential to my project.  In other words, I probably would have fared decent if I had handwritten recipes to use instead.

Another problem that I kept finding myself thinking about – maybe I just did not challenge myself enough.  I am not new to cooking by any means.  For example, I had already previously cooked spaghetti squash as a carb-alternative prior to this MLP.  Of course, I still looked up different methods of cooking the squash, but I didn’t find that I was much challenged when completing any of the recipes.  Had I chosen a project that would have challenged my understanding and actually required more learning on my part, I think I would have been able to provide a better critical analysis of what it means to learn online.

Even so, I always enjoy cooking and feel that I have some new ideas for vegetarian options in the future.

One thought on “MLP Summary

  1. Great reflection on your learning process and some of your thoughts on this project. Even though some of the skills you used were not new, you were still utilizing online tools to research recipes to try, methods for cooking and even for documenting your process. I like that you linked to your different recipes in this post, as that will make it easier for anyone who wants to refer to them in the future. Great job!


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