Mediterranean Beets with Tomatoes and Feta Cheese

For my final recipe of my ECMP355 Major Learning Project, I chose something mediterranean inspired.  Another reason I gravitated towards the recipe (mostly the picture, to be honest) is because I love beets.  There are so many nutritional benefits of beets including anti-oxidants and improved optimal health.  I actually found the recipe through my Twitter feed – I am following Ali Maffucci of Inspiralized and she retweeted another post about the recipe.  I then looked at the full recipe on Happy Foodie – Mediterranean Beetroot and Feta Frying Pan Bake.

First, I’d like to mention that I made quite a few adaptations when making this vegetarian recipe.  In my previous post on Vegetarian Cucumber-Noodle Quinoa Salad, I mentioned that I have a different vegetable spiral cutter than used by Inspiralized.  I attempted to try creating the beet noodles but actually ended up breaking my vegetable cutter!  I managed to get a few beet noodles out of it but then decided I better just cut the beets into small pieces.

beetsbeets2 beets3

I also realized that I didn’t have the right pan that the recipe called for – a frying pan that can transfer from stovetop to the oven.  I made the decision to avoid baking anything in the oven and kept it all in the frying pan on the stove. I added the red onion, beets, tomatoes, seasoning, red wine vinegar, kalamata olives, and capers (an addition I made).  I decided to just sprinkle cold feta on top as well, instead of baking the feta with the rest of the ingredients.  I figured this would make the meal into more of a hot salad.

Overall, the flavours in this were a bit strange as a combination.  The sweetness of the beets mixed with the sour tang and bitterness of olives was interesting.  I made a few adjustments based on my resources and own personal taste.  I wouldn’t say that making this recipe was much of a learning experience (the whole goal of doing this MLP) aside from becoming more aware that it is important to read through recipes prior to beginning them and making sure you have the appropriate equipment.

beets4 beets5 beets6 beets7 beets8


One thought on “Mediterranean Beets with Tomatoes and Feta Cheese

  1. I wish I liked beets because they super healthy. They just throw me off with their texture. Everything else sounds amazing. With being a vegetarian how do you get your protein? This is something that I have always wondered?


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