Philosophy of Education

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Creating a written version of my teaching philosophy is not an easy task.  It is difficult to fully express my personal perspective of education, my beliefs and values, and what I believe to be most important as a future educator.  My philosophy of education will change as the years pass and I know it will be a work in progress.  As a pre-service teacher, I thought it might be best to summarize my ideas of teaching through a simplified categorized list:

What do I want to accomplish as a teacher?

Why do I want to teach?

  • Create opportunity
  • Inspire future generations
  • Encourage students to explore their own interests by offering choice
  • Motivate students to be involved in their communities and develop interest in social issues

How am I going to achieve my goals?

  • Provide a safe environment for students to intellectually grow and develop
  • Work with other teachers and individuals working in education – be involved in continuing improvements and positive change
  • Discover new techniques and innovative ways to teach – explore interdisciplinary teaching and encourage students to take pride in their interests

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