Teacher Profile

My name is Marissa Livingstone and I am from Regina, Saskatchewan.  I am excited and eager to learn throughout the pre-internship experience as I progress into the professional field of education.  I am especially enthusiastic about developing a connection with the students.  Having three siblings and a large family, I have always been encouraged to appreciate the importance of building relationships and connecting with others.  I have found that middle-years level teaching will be most suitable to my own personality and experiences, and I look forward to being a positive influence.

Prior to enrollment in the University of Regina’s Bachelor of Education After-Degree Program, I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Women’s and Gender Studies and Psychology.  My academic career reflects my personal interests and passions in life – equality, inclusion, social justice, and the understanding of individuality and uniqueness through psychological perspectives.  As a future teacher, I believe my background knowledge on specific psychological discourses such as personality development, adolescent psychology, and information processing will be a benefit to my future students.  To reflect my personal beliefs and interests, I view my future classroom as being inclusive, differentiated, inquiry-based, and opportunistic for all students.

As an invested university student, studying, assignments, and exams have consumed most of my time for the past five years.  However, I have always recognized the importance of taking time to de-stress and enjoy the small things.  I am an avid traveller and enjoy experiencing different cultures.  Along with travelling, I love to hike.  One of my favourite places to visit (and hike) is the Rocky Mountains surrounding Banff, Alberta.   When I am not travelling, I enjoy walking, running, and reading.  In my spare time, I have volunteered with the Regina Open Door Society as an EAL Support Worker, and I am currently a Big Sister to a young girl through the YWCA.  I have also worked in the young offender policy unit for Government of Saskatchewan, Ministry of Justice, Custody, Supervision, and Rehabilitation Services.

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